Friday, April 30, 2010

Orchin Orthodontics at the 110th AAO Annual Session

To better serve our phenomenal patients with the highest quality orthodontic care possible, Dr. Orchin and our team at Orchin Orthodontics are committed to continuing education in the never-dull world of orthodontics.

One of the ways Dr. Orchin and our remarkable staff improve our service is by attending important conferences, meetings and seminars, and from today through next Tuesday, we will be attending the AAO Annual Session right here in Washington D.C. The AAO Annual Session is always an educational event and happens to be one of the largest orthodontic conventions in the world - one that allows us to consult with orthodontists from around the country (and Canada) and stay up-to-date on all the latest technologies and orthodontic treatment options available. This, in turn, allows Orchin Orthodontics to give you, our wonderful patients, the best treatment experience possible.

If you've got an appointment scheduled with Dr. Orchin soon, we invite you to ask us about our thoughts about the conference, including what we learned and how continuing education and acquisition of new technology helps us treat you more effectively.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Talkin' elastics with Dr. Orchin

The purpose of elastics (rubber bands) is to apply a force on selected teeth to help them “fit” better and correct your bite. Elastics can move teeth in a way that cannot be done with braces alone. Failure to wear your elastics, as instructed, will result in treatment running
longer than expected. It may also affect the finished orthodontic treatment result.

When you first start wearing the elastics, they may make your teeth sore. If you continue wearing them as instructed, that discomfort will go away in a couple of days.

If you break or lose a rubber band, replace immediately. Always carry a spare pack of rubber bands in your pocket. You will be asked to wear your elastics either full-time or every night.


Rubber bands are to be worn 24-hours per day, except when brushing your teeth, unless stated otherwise by Dr. Orchin or your orthodontic assistant. Please wear your elastics all the time. Remove them only for brushing and flossing your teeth. Insert new elastics after brushing and flossing. Try to keep fresh elastics on your teeth
at all times (they lose their force after several hours).


Please wear your elastics every night (sleep in them). Now let’s go back and repeat that together – wear your elastics every night (not some nights).

If you lose your elastics or run out, just call our office or email us and we can send you more.

Why the big deal? Because these elastics are your ticket to the fastest, most ideal result you can get. Unfortunately, they just don’t work unless they are worn as prescribed.

By wearing your elastics as instructed, you will be doing your part in keeping your orthodontic treatment on schedule.

Common Elastic Patterns

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ask Dr. Orchin: What does it feel like to be scanned by the SureSmile Orascanner?

Have you heard about our new SureSmile offer? We thought we'd pass along some more information about what exactly happens during your visit to be scanned:

The first thing that will happen at your scanning visit is our staff will remove your wires and take new records, which include photographs and X-rays. We will ask you to rinse with Listerine prior to sitting down in the chair, and then it will be time for your scan. After you are seated in the chair, an assistant will place cheek retractors in your mouth (similar to the ones we use during your photographs but you do not have to hold these in place). We then use air to dry your teeth before painting SureWhite on your teeth. SureWhite has alcohol in it and will feel like Listerine in your mouth but just until it is dry and then you will not notice it. We then use the air to dry the SureWhite.

Now it is time to scan.

The wand for the OraScanner has a mirror on it and it flashes white light while making a “rat-tat-tat” noise. The noise lets us know it is taking pictures. The assistant maneuvers the scanner over your teeth carefully picking up every surface – it will take about 1,000 pictures for each the upper and lower arch. We work in sections so that the area stays dry and then apply SureWhite and use air as needed until the scan is complete.

After we finish both arches, we take a bite registration – we scan about 5 teeth while you have your upper and lower teeth contacting each other. The whole time you are being scanned you can see the image coming up on the computer monitor, which is interesting to watch. After you're done, you need to go and brush all of the SureWhite off then have your wires reinserted and you are finished.

We have successfully scanned adults with TMJ issues, as well as teenagers. The most challenging part of the scan is keeping your mouth open and keeping your tongue from licking off the SureWhite. The best part about your scan? Knowing you are on your way having to having your braces removed (generally 4-to-6 months after your scan) and enjoying a beautiful smile.

If you're thinking about upgrading to SureSmile technology, please give us a call at 202-684-9227! Dr. Orchin and team look forward to seeing you!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ask Dr. Orchin: When should my child come in for a visit?

At Orchin Orthodontics, knowing when to treat patients is just as important as knowing how to treat patients.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children see an orthodontist by age seven. This allows the orthodontist to make an early assessment for possible skeletal problems such as a severe cross-bite (narrow jaw), overjet (protrusive upper teeth), underbite (upper front teeth are behind the lower front teeth), or any other problem that is best treated while the patient is growing. Dr. Orchin uses appliances that are designed to capture growth and correct the malocclusion. Dr. Orchin has the experience to know when it is best to start treatment and when to step back and allow Mother Nature to do her work.

If you or a family member is already in treatment with Dr. Orchin, we are able to schedule a no charge look-see appointment for a younger sibling. This is our way of introducing Dr. Orchin to the patient while he gets a baseline reading on the patient. Please call us at 202-684-9227 for an appointment!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finances made simple at Orchin Orthodontics

Did you know that Orchin Orthodontics offers payment plans without adding any interest or billing fees? In fact, we have been told (by our patients and parents) that we offer the most flexible payment plans in the area.

We do not want the investment in orthodontics to be a barrier to treatment, so we work with our families to find a plan that will work. We will work with Flexible Spending Accounts as well to maximize the pre-tax dollars over more than one calendar year.

We will also reduce the down payment or spread out the monthly or quarterly payments to 30 months and still not charge any interest or finance fees.

Please call us today so we may find a payment plan that will fit your budget.