Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Invisalign for Teens and Complex Cases -- Dr. Orchin, Washington DC

Dr. Andrew Orchin recently returned from a three day continuing education course dedicated to Invisalign treatment. While Orchin Orthodontics was one of the first practices in the country to begin using the Invisalign Teen product, newer innovations and technologies were unveiled at this course that allow even more complex cases to be treated with Invisalign instead of using traditional metal braces. Most teenagers can still benefit from the traditional method of metal braces, especially if their bite is off and needs to be corrected with rubber bands, but newer methods allow Invisalign to correct many of the problems it initially couldn't handle. The Invisalign Teen product is a great way to get that smile that makes you smile, in a clear, comfortable manner. Invisalign is also great for most adult treatments, including closing spaces, alleviating crowding and even preparing for dental implants. Please give Orchin Orthodontics a call at 202-686-5100 to learn more!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Orchin Orthodontics Patient Reviews

Orchin Orthodontics provides superior orthodontic treatment to Washington D.C. residents. Just see what their patients have to say!Smiles greet us when we walk in. Dr. Orchin and his staff are friendly and patient with our "hectic" and sometimes scared little darlings.
-Peter H.

They are so friendly and the staff is soooo responsive that I feel like family when I come there :)
-Eliot B.

The quality of orthodontic work performed on other patients that I personally know was excellent! That is why I chose Orchin Orthodontics.
-Richard S.

They entire staff is truly warm and friendly. Also, I can be in and out in a very timely manner.
-Sara H.

Orchin Orthodontics provides a friendly and very clean environment. They are known to be the best.
-Dick S.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gummy Tummy - Orchin Orthodontics

We know the rumors going around – mostly among young people – that once you swallow a piece of chewing gum it will stake a claim and take up residency in your stomach for at least seven years! We really hate to take all the fun out of the mystery, but the truth is that chewing gum, when swallowed, will enter the stomach and move through the digestive system just like any other piece of food and leave the body long before seven years! So, if you ever have accidentally swallowed a piece of gum, there is no need to worry!

This being said, gum does not have any dietary benefits, so while it’s not harmful to swallow, you still want to avoid swallowing it. If you are a gum-chewer, make sure you chew sugarless gum, because gum with sugar can lead to cavities. Sugarless gum still has the same amount of flavor, but with less cavity causing ingredients. You see, when the bacterium in your mouth breaks down sugar, what’s left behind is acid. This acid eats away at the enamel coating of your teeth, causing holes that we call cavities. Cavities can lead to other long term mouth problems if they are not treated in time, so it is best to try and avoid overexposing your teeth to too many harmful substances!

Happy (sugar-free) gum chewing from Orchin Orthodontics!