Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ask Orchin Orthodontics: How much do braces cost?

That is a question we get a lot at our office and it does not have a simple answer. Just as every patient is individual, so are their treatment plans which directly affects the investment for orthodontic treatment. Some patients do not require full orthodontic treatment while others find themselves in braces for more than 2 years.

Our treatment fee reflects the amount of orthodontic work required to complete the treatment plan. The only way to find out how much braces will cost is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrew Orchin. During your consultation, Dr. Orchin will perform a complete oral examination, listen to your concerns, explain how he will address your concerns and correct any orthodontic problems found during the exam.

Dr. Orchin’s findings will include the cost of orthodontics and how long the treatment will take to complete. With the addition of SureSmile, some of our patients are completing treatment in less than 12 months! Call us today at our convenient location here in Washington D.C. at (202) 686-5100 for a consultation and discover how quickly we can make you smile!

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