Wednesday, June 11, 2008

80-year-old woman with braces!

It's inspiring to see how much braces can change a life, but I'm mainly used to seeing it change someone's life early on. Even as an orthodontist, I was a little surprised to hear about Cherie Colburn, an 80-year-old Denver woman who decided that life was too short, it was time to get her smile perfect! Her story is pretty inspirational. You'll see on our orthodontic website that braces are for all ages, adults, teens, and children. Treatments vary based on age, but the overall theme remains the same: Regardless of your age, braces will help you smile in a way you never thought possible. Having that perfect smile instills confidence in us all, and I encourage you to call your local orthodontist today if you feel that it's now your time. And, if you're in the Washington DC area, call us up at Orchin Orthodontics!

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