Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Keeping Your Braces Clean

A few important tips about keeping your braces clean:

Brush 2-3 times per day: Maintaining healthy brushing habits will help to keep your teeth clean and will also keep them from staining. Imagine if you didn't brush while having braces. Your teeth would get dirty while the spots under your braces stay white. It's kind of like a tan line. It's very important to keep your teeth clean to ensure this doesn't happen. As long as you continue to brush the normal amount, you won't have a problem.

Floss: Yup, floss. I know that it sounds hard to floss with wires there, but it's not that hard. If you're having trouble flossing still, contact your local orthodontist and they can get you some helpful tools to make flossing easier.

Yes these sound simple, but I have had patients who disregard simple oral health during their treatment. It's important to stick with good habits throughout your life when it comes to your dental health, and especially during your orthodontic treatment.

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