Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ask Orchin Orthodontics: What does it mean to be a Schulman Study Group practice?

Both Drs. Jeremy Orchin and Andrew Orchin are members of The Schulman Study Group (SSG), a nationally recognized association of prominent—among the top 1 percent—orthodontic practices.

Membership is extended exclusively by invitation to sustain the same high standard, and offers participants access to new technology and opportunities for innovation and insight that they would not otherwise find. Schulman Study Group orthodontists are a very special group: Members of this professional group are committed to supporting each other in pursuing the most progressive and innovative treatment techniques. Excellence in practice and care is the mission that unites and drives the members of the Schulman Study Group. When you choose a Schulman Group practice such as Orchin Orthodontics, you are choosing specialists who are committed to being the best and giving you the best treatment and care possible. Schulman Study Group members share a commitment to exceptional patient care, quality of orthodontic experience, and continuing education.

Dr. Jeremy Orchin is a charter member of SSG since 1982. He was awarded the Schulman award in 2004.

“One of my greatest honors as an orthodontist was being awarded the coveted Martin "Bud" Schulman award in 2004," he said. "I consider myself the most fortunate orthodontist in my relationship with Bud.”

Dr. Andrew Orchin, who became a member in 2004, is very active in the group and has encouraged his Treatment Coordinators (Ellen Moore and Whitney Dwyer) to participate and attend meetings as well. The meetings are informative and exciting to attend and the entire Orchin Orthodontics Team looks forward to new ideas that will make our practice even better. The Schulman Study Group is a wonderful venue to gather and share practice and treatment information in a way that is invaluable to Dr. Orchin.

Our patients remain our number one priority and we are always looking for ways we can improve. That is one of the many reasons Orchin Orthodontics is the best practice in the Washington, DC metro area.

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Charlotte said...

I couldn't agree more. Congrats you 2! I worked with Mike McCombs who was also in the SSG with some top notch docs. It was incredibly beneficial for me to meet with the staff members of the other practices to get ideas for our own practice.

Fabulous stuff!!