Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We are Thrilled to introduce our patients to SureSmile!

Orchin Orthodontics is committed to delivering high levels of service and care to our patients. That means keeping up with advancements in orthodontics such as SureSmile. We are the only orthodontic office in the area to provide SureSmile as an option for patients needing orthodontic treatment with conventional braces. SureSmile is an incredible high-tech approach to orthodontics. With SureSmile, we use several technologies to give you a great result in less time. First, a scanner captures 3-D images of your teeth so Dr. Orchin can plan treatment on the computer. Next, he directs specialized robots to produce prescription wires to use in your braces. Treatment is faster because SureSmile enables us to move teeth directly and precisely into position.

In addition to reducing the length of time you have to wear braces, the SureSmile system also reduces over all discomfort by decreasing the number of wire changes and adjustments. SureSmile is able to deliver these improvements to conventional orthodontic therapy because it customizes arch wires to move teeth more directly to the target positions.

At Orchin Orthodontics we know you would like to get out of braces quickly but you also want a great smile that will last a lifetime. At our office you can have both. Ask a team member how you can get SureSmile treatment.

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