Monday, March 1, 2010

Ask Orchin Orthodontics: What are SPEED Braces?

SPEED Braces are a miniaturized metal bracket. The reduced size minimizes lip and cheek irritation and is more aesthetic and hygienic than traditional braces. In addition, SPEED Braces are efficient because their springs apply a light continuous force (stored energy) that means less discomfort and pain throughout orthodontic treatment. With patient cooperation, SPEED Braces also reduce time in treatment for patients.

Hygiene: SPEED eliminates the two most common food traps: "tie-wings" and "ligature ties." Additionally, the clean lines of the SPEED design have resulted in a smooth rounded silhouette that is easy for all patients to keep clean.

Aesthetics: SPEED Braces are 1/3 the size of traditional metal braces

Comfort: SPEED improves patient comfort in two ways:
SPEED's smooth rounded design minimizes soft tissue irritation
SPEED permits the use of extremely light forces by eliminating the high frictional resistance caused by ligature ties

The result... more comfortable treatment for patients!

SPEED's Self-Ligating design eliminates the need for tie-wings. This permits significant appliance miniaturization. With all of the benefits to SPEED Braces, it seems an obvious choice for Orchin Orthodontics to use them. Why doesn’t every orthodontist use SPEED Braces?

SPEED Braces require additional training for the orthodontist since they are not routinely used during orthodontic residency. Bracket placement on the tooth is different for SPEED Braces than it is for traditional braces. In addition, since SPEED Braces use stored energy, lighter wires are utilized. All of these factors contribute to a fairly steep learning curve for both the orthodontist and orthodontic assistants. Rest assured that Dr. Orchin and his team have mastered SPEED Braces. In fact, Orchin Orthodontics has been using SPEED Braces for about 20 years.

If you have any questions about SPEED Braces, or about your treatment with Dr. Orchin, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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