Monday, March 29, 2010

The importance of retainers, from Orchin Orthodontics

OK, you've completed your orthodontic work and you’ve revealed your new smile. You are proud and excited and then Dr. Orchin presents you with a retainer to wear.

What is the deal?

Every orthodontic treatment plan at Orchin Orthodontics includes a retention phase. Dr. Orchin’s years of experience has taught him that retention is one of the most important phases of orthodontic treatment. Orchin Orthodontics has learned that wearing your retainer(s) as directed is the most important factor in maintaining your orthodontic result. Dr. Orchin recommends that all of our patients keep their retainer (forever) and wear it once a week even after they are released from our care. If a removable retainer breaks or needs adjustments, simply give us a call at 202-684-9227.

Most of Dr. Orchin’s patients have a fixed lower lingual retainer (also called a permanent retainer) to maintain the lower teeth. Many patients ask us why we do not remove it. Here is the answer; it is the best insurance plan you can buy. Teeth remain mobile and do tend to drift forward as we age and the lower lingual is a great tool for preventing that. It is important to brush and floss as directed as well as maintain regular hygiene visits with the general dentist. The patient’s general dentist will monitor the lower lingual and advise if it needs to be removed or replaced.

As always, we welcome our patients back anytime to have their retainer(s) adjusted or require a visit for any reason. The best reason to return to Orchin Orthodontics? Simply to say “hello” and share your beautiful smile with us or bring a friend or family member here for treatment.

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